Vídeo del momento en el que Iniesta recibe el premio al mejor jugador de Europa por parte de la UEFA + comentarios

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  • cristiano siempre asiste para mirar como le dan a otros el mejor jugador :D!! va pa na!
  • I congratulate you spain for the great players you have and lets be honest, most spanish players are from barca and they are the ones that make spain strong. Iniesta deserved this ( even though I thinjk messi was better this season) but he did great work in the EU cup so he had to have it. As for Messi, I am sure he is even happiest that iniesta had it because he always said, he wishes to see xavi or iniesta win it sometime. Congrats to spain again ( Im Moroccan, and spanish football fan)
  • positivo si tu solo has entrado para ver la cara de Ronaldo
  • Iniesta mejor jugador de Europa y Messi mejor jugador del mundo. Barca!!!!
  • Ronaldo’s face after Iniesta’s name was called…..PRICELESS!!!!
  • Ronaldo’s face is the best! suffer! suffer! Visca Barca!
  • Ronaldo’s face!! Priceless
  • Congratulations to a fantastic player and a really cool guy LOVE Don Andres a top player on and off the pitch well deserved win
  • Siempre me gustó el barçar debido a que sus jugadores tienen corazón y carácter diferente a la gente del R. Madrid qui son todos unos arrogantes …
  • 1:25 messi stand is fuckin awesome 😀
  • INIESTA definitely deserves it the way i’ve been seeing him play is amazing at times i can’t tell if its messi or him till i see the numbers on there back
  • It’s funny because that award just gets rotated between FC Barcelona players. It’s never going in the hands of any other player
  • Yeah, Ronaldo might be an amazing player, but to be the best of the world needs more than just his skill
  • im big messi and barca fan and im happy iniesta won it becoz he needed some individual award for his recognition . yes i wanted messi to win it but its simple iniesta deserves it more in europe award . now i want messi to win ballon dor 😛
  • Messi was really happy, you can say it on his face, i mean he was really really happpy this just shows what a great person he is, happy for his friend more than he would be for himself
  • 1:18 [Queria compartilo con Leo y mis compañeros de equipo “Sin Ellos” un premio Individual “No Tiene Sentido”]
  • Grandeeee Iniestaaaaaaaaaa. Viva Iniesta. Visca Barçaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
  • Great job Iniesta!You are truly the best and deserved this award!The only crazy and stupid thing in my opinion is that Francisco Justicia, from Marca, Spain, nominated Ronaldo as being his favorite. That’s unbelievable!
  • El mejor premio es ver el careto de Cristiano…jajajaja! es todo un acomplejado!
  • para mi messi el mejor del mundo…pero fui feliz iniesta te lo mereces felicidades..
  • ronaldo has almost cry haha maybe he want his mamy
  • Congrats Iniesta! You truly deserved it!
  • Grande Iniesta