Vídeo. Los 67 pases de Sergio Busquets Vs Real Madrid. Aprendiendo a valorar el papel de Busi.


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  • Pass 12 was the pass of the match.
  • Busquets is incredible. There are alot of people who “don’t rate” him, but that’s due to lack of knowledge about the game if you ask me, as the lad is brilliant.
  • OMG there is only one kind of him in world and his name is BUSQUETS. we do not have another player like him. busquets is amazing at what he is. i havent seen a player like him in my life.
  • busquets and pedro worlds most underrated player
  • Busquets is just unbelievable….do you remember back in school where there was always this one guy on your team, whenever he had the ball you were completely sure that it was absolutely in good hands (or feet)… Busquets is that guy in braca best MF in the world.
  • Brilliant Busquet !